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The Royal Belmont Launches a New Website

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 04/20/17

We Did It! Thanks to the collective hard work of our team and friends, we're proud to say that we've successfully launched our new website! What's Next? Stay-tuned for the latest updates as we continuously update our website with new photos, content, events, and more! How Can I Stay Up to Date? Make sure you signup to our email list for events, promotions, and other things happening around the neighborhood.

Belmont Among America’s Safest Cities in 2017

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 01/18/17

BELMONT, MA — Website Neighborhood Scout recently released its list of the 100 Safest Cities in America for 2017, and Belmont was among 21 Massachusetts communities to make the cut. According to Neighborhood Scout's data, there are 0.31 violent crimes per 1,000 residents annually in Belmont, and 6.02 property crimes per 1,000 residents. Both figures are significantly lower than the violent and property crime rates nationally and statewide. Neighborhood Scout reported that you have a...

Five Apps and Gadgets Future Royal Belmont Residents Need

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 07/14/16

Who doesn’t love a good #LifeHack? From scheduling saviors to power preservers we’ve compiled a list our top five favorite apps and gadgets that are the must haves for any home. These tech triumphs are guaranteed to make your luxury experience at The Royal Belmont even better. Wireless Furniture At the Royal Belmont, we’ll be offering many housing options. If you opt for unfurnished accommodations, then we have the perfect recommendations for you.

July is right around the corner and you know what that means: Fireworks, barbeques and of course the grand opening of the luxury furnished apartments at The Royal Belmont! We know you’ve been anxiously waiting for months to move into your new modern luxury apartment and we’re just as excited as you are. June isn’t flying by fast enough, but we know just the thing to help you pass the time: Packing.   It’s no secret...

4 Ways to Have Boston’s Perfect Memorial Day

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 05/24/16

Congratulations, residents of the Greater Boston Area! You’ve made it through another cold winter. With Memorial Day in sight, everyone’s favorite time of year is upon us once again. Once things start to warm up, you would be hard pressed to find people happier than those in Massachusetts. Just a quick trip from an array of beaches, plenty to do in the beautiful city of Boston, pool parties and barbecues galore featuring that everlasting sunlight...

5 Ways to Embrace Spring in the Belmont-Boston Area

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 04/25/16

You would be hard pressed to name a better place to be when spring begins to bloom than in the wonderful city of Boston and its surrounding communities. Fortunately for incoming residents of the Royal Belmont — a pristine, new luxury apartment building, a stone’s throw from Harvard — they’ll find their home in Belmont, Boston’s most exciting suburb. Just a 15-minute ride on the Fitchburg Line to Downtown Boston, it’s really kind of...

5 Ways to Vastly Improve Your Move In Day

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 04/25/16

Moving is stressful. Moving somewhere like the brand new The Royal Belmont can be incredibly exciting. A new luxury apartment site coming to the Cambridge/Belmont area in the fall, The Royal Belmont has the perfect location and amenities to make sure you’re move in is stress free. We know the pool alone won’t save you, so here are some tips and tricks to use on move in day: Organize Your Boxes by Room Number one is...